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What is DandyID?

DandyID provides a set of tools that help you to collect, manage, and own your online identity.

Just like what defines you in the offline world is a collection of the things you do, the people you interact with, and the places you go, your online self is a collection of the things you do and the people you meet across the web. Unfortunately because the web is so big, that identity is usually scattered around a bunch of different sites that don't always communicate with one another. DandyID helps you bring together all the pieces that make up the real you, and share the bits you want to share.

DandyID launched publicly in April of 2008 by co-founders Sara Czyzewicz, Arron Kallenberg and Anthony Dimitre (read more about our team here).

My Profile

Everytime you sign up for a new service, you have to fill out profile information. Even though there are some differences from site to site, and even though you may want to project a different persona on Facebook than you do on LinkedIn or Flickr or MySpace, there is generally plenty of overlap between your profiles. Constants, such as your name, age, and location, need to be filled out again and again. Worse, if any of that information changes (such as a new address), you have to update it at each service individually. We think managing all that info should be a lot easier. DandyID provides you with a globally recognizable profile that you only need to fill out once. The profile then follows you around the web and automatically appears on DandyID-enabled sites. When something changes, you can update it just one time from a single location, and the updates will be reflected on all of your DandyID-powered profiles.

My Identities

As you travel around the Internet, you leave bits and pieces of yourself wherever you go -- a list of bookmarks or a set of photos here, a status update or a video there. All of that information makes up what we call your online identity graph. In aggregate, the things you do online create a picture of who you are. DandyID serves as a single point of reference to over 300 services, including Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and many more. Using our tools, you can easily collect, manage, and share your online identity.

My Contacts

The relationships you form on the web are just as much a part of who you are as the information you create or the web sites you visit. But whenever you sign up for a new service, you have to manually seek out and add your friends one by one, even though many of them are probably already there. We think it would be great if you could more easily locate your friends on the services you use in common. That's why DandyID gives you the tools you need to find where your friends are around the web and take those contacts with you to other places online.

See DandyID in Action

Check out our Extend section for a list of sites, widgets, and applications available for sharing your DandyID identity. Developers, check out our API and API contest for integrating with DandyID.