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Vivek Rp

About Me

Vivek Rp - A Man With Ambitions! I Am Vivek Patil From Bangalore,India. Working As A Web Developer In My Own Company Oxi Technologies (OXITECH). Follow Me: Twitter : LinkedIn :

My Online Identities
My Telephone Number
mobile: +91-9945054415
My IM Accounts
yahoo: vivek_patil32
gtalk: vivekpatil32
msn: vivek_patil32
skype: vivek_patil32
gtalk: vivek.oxitech
My Address


Vijayanagar (Email Me For More Info)
Bangalore, Karnataka 560040
Companies & Organizations
Oxi Technologies
Proprietor / Developer
Oxi Technologies - Human Needs Oxygen.Business Need Web! Oxi Technologies Is Also Known As Oxi Tech Is The Leading Web & Software Developer In India! Services: Web Developing & Designing,Web Hosting,Graphic Designing,Software Development,Application Development,Animations,Online Advertising, etc..
Date Started: 2008-11-01
Date Ended: Present
Web Creators
Web Developer / Adviser
Web Creators - Media People! To Know More Visit :
Date Started: 2009-05-01
Date Ended: Present